User Web Access Agreement
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Client Connection User Web Access Agreement

Client Connection is for official use only. Because you work for an organization that is part of a World Bank Group member government and they have asked for an account in your name, we grant you access to Client Connection. Your use of Client Connection is restricted to your official duties with that organization. Your access is granted in accordance with the Organization Web Access Agreement your organization has signed. That agreement includes the following terms and conditions:

  1. The World Bank may revoke your account if you violate the Agreement.
  2. Client Connection may contain errors. The World Bank is not liable for any damage they cause, but please point them out to us.
  3. You may not republish information from Client Connection, except for reasonable copying, printing or distribution in the course of your official duties. The World Bank may monitor, track and record your activities on Client Connection to help detect such activity.
  4. The World Bank is not liable for computer virus damage. We make every effort to prevent the spread of viruses, but please take precautions to keep your workstation safe.
  5. The World Bank will not share your personal information, but we do need to keep track of who is accessing the website and we will send you email occasionally.
  6. Client Connection contains some estimated data. The site will identify any estimates.
  7. Client Connection contains electronic forms. If you alter them, we will not accept them and we may revoke your account.

I have read, understand and accept this agreement.